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STOCKTON, Ca. - About two years ago, Green Team San Joaquin began voluntary audits of about 400 county businesses to help make their practices environmentally sustainable.

On Thursday, the team announced the first business to be officially certified: Stockton-based Premier Finishing. Read the full story...

To watch a video slide show on how Premier went Green that was presented at the Stockton Chamber of Commerce by Wendy Foulks, click the image below. Enjoy...

Premier Finishing has recently been featured at the Stockton Thunder and Lightening's Hockey Games. Take a look at the video of the event on Premier's YouTube Channel. In the interim, check out the press image from their web-site.

Premier also recieved a check for $12,196.00 (picture below) which was donated in their name to two local charities. The first one was the Child Abuse Prevention Council and the other was the Way of Compassion Community.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council is committed to preventing child abuse through outcome driven educational programs delivered with compassion.

The Way of Compassion Community is there to eliminate hunger for the most needy Stockton/Lodi metro areas. There motto is “Where nothing is
sure, everything is possible!”

Read the latest news about Premier Finishing's Green work at

Here's some photos from the Recordnet with some fun facts:

Powder Coating

Wend Foulks

Premier Finishing, Stockton, Ca. Powder Coating

Article on Premier Finishing

Premier Finishing was also awarded a Proclamation by the City of Stockton for Water Awareness Month in June 2012 which was awarded to Wendy Foulks and the Premier Green Team at the beginning of the City Council meeting.

Premier's Carbon Foot Print

From 2008 to 2011 we have reduced our overall electricity costs by 17% and our energy usage by 26%.
Our annual unit savings is: 166,444.3 units
Our annual Cost savings are: $53,145.70
Our annual CO2 Baseline is: 233.0 (measured in metric tons)
Our annual CO2 savings are: 39.6 (measured in metric tons)

Our overall water usage has been reduced by 22% since 2008. (Water costs per unit have increased since 2008, therefore not giving an accurate comparison of cost.)
Our annual water usage unit savings are: 568.7 units
Our annual cost savings throughout the year are: $1,303.70
Our annual CO2 Baseline is: 5.6 (measured in metric tons)

Our annual CO2 savings are: 1.2 (measured in metric tons)

**The CO2 baseline is where we started off in terms of metric waste and the CO2 ­­savings are how much we have reduced. **

Green Sustainable Business Certification

Click on the image above to see the details!

Wendy Foulks Drops The Puck While Craig Walters and Thom Foulks Watch At The Stockton Thunder and Lightening Hockey Game March 26, 2010!

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