Conventional Liquid Cosmetic Coatings

Some of the advantages that still exist over Powder Coating are, liquid paint does not form as thick or heavy of a coat on your product. This is very important when working with tight and specific tolerances when final assembly comes into play.

Another advantage over powder coating when using very specialized paint colors that may be harder to match as a powder. This is most often the case when using metallic or high gloss colors. The beauty of liquid paint is you can apply it to a wider variety of surfaces that may be damaged by heat needed when using powder coating.

When Premier uses Conventional Liquid Coating, they are primed and painted using liquid MIL specs. Premier's success using Conventional Liquid Coating is proven, working with such customers as Sony, Agilent, Hewlett Packard and more. We are confident that your product will be delivered to market with the highest quality finish in the industry. When you use Premier Finishing to solve your complex manufacturing design challenges and finish your product you will get the professinal quality finish you can appreciate.

Key Benefits

Premier Finishing offers a full compliment of liquid coating capabilities including Class A finishing.

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