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Powder Coating: Batch production and Semi-Automatic Conveyor processing of TGIC, Polyesters, Polyurethane's and Epoxies. Contact us for recommendations of which chemistry is right for your application.

Mechanical Assembly: Premier provides a variety of light mechanical assembly.

Conventional Liquid Coating: Expert applicators in Waterbase, Polyurethane, Epoxy, and Mil-Spec Compliant paints. From the most basic "protective only" coatings to Class A "highly cosmetic" projects.

EMI-RFI Shelding: Short run and Hi-Volume applications of conductive coatings.

Graphics: Via Laser Ablation (Cutting And Etching), Silk Screening, or Pad Printing.

Conveyor Production: Professional conveyor lines that will help increase productivity and efficiency in all aspects of high volume projects.

Robotic Spraying: See what Premier can do for you with our robotic spraying machines.

Surface Preparation: Premier can work with you and solve any complex surface preparation challenge you may have.

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